beautiful nail art

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A pretty cool nail art design with tutorial

I've created this blog so that I can keep all of my nail art images in one place, as it's quite useful for me to be able to look back at my pretty nail arts when I'm feeling uninspired and also to remind myself what products I've used together. It also might come in useful to anyone else who's interested in fancying up their fingers with beautiful nail art designs! 
pretty nail art design picture 
This time i tried something new on my nails. Actually I tried 3D nail art design on my nails. and I think I  succeed to some extent as well :) 
In this nail art I used the following colors combinations:
Black:---- As a base color for all nails.
White and Purple:---- In the formation of double shaded flowers.
Green :---- Created some leaves near the flowers.
cool nail art design picture
 So... At first i painted the nails with black to give it a good base. And.. I took a wide brush painted with two colors: white and purple, and prepared double shaded flowers like in the picture. And.. near the flowers I created some green leaves and some dots for filling in. And after all the nail art work it look like this ::::
beautiful 3D nail art design picture
Guys!! don't forget to tell me your views about this pretty nail art :)

see you later!!