beautiful nail art

Thursday, 26 April 2012

How to design a simple and pretty nail art design

Good Morning !
Today, I will be sharing one of my pretty nails design.
Hmm…I guess I was too excited to post this nail art design for you.
I really liked its design. Simple but absolutely gorgeous! Love how it turned out.
beautiful red flower nail art design  picture

Polishes I used:
Pink nail paint -- as base for two times.
White nail paint ---- for making flowers and work on the upper half of nails.
Clear Polish:---- for final cote for safety of design.
Stones----- To be placed at the centers of the flowers.

beautiful nail art design in five minutes
 I love making flowers on my nails.  and i think am gonna master in making flowers :)
Anyhow, this time i also make one flower at each of my nails. place some dots for its decoration. and also i tried a new thing on the upper half of nails. i painted that portion with white color and then divided into two diagonal portions of white color with the pink nail paint. and it comes out really nice that i hoped so.
floral nail art design
So... what do you think of this cute nail design? Love or nay?

Bye bye,