beautiful nail art

Monday, 16 April 2012

How to design a simple nail art design in 5 minutes

Is been a long time since i posted my last nail art post due to my busy schedule.
But yesterday i make some time from my busy life
and create a simple nail art design.

This time i used a beautiful combination of blue and white color nail paints. 

It is one of  my favorite combination of colors. I used blue as a base color. and then converted it into a floral nail art design by making some cute white flowers on it. I also applied stones in the centers of the flowers. and finish the nail art with the final cote of clear nail paint.
blue nail art picture

It just took my few minutes to finish it. So you can also try this simple nail art on your nails even if you have a busy schedule.

hope you gonna like it :)


  1. does it really take 5 minutes only? u r really good at this.