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Saturday, 11 August 2012

How to design Easy and Unique Nail Art Design

 Hey Buddies,
Hows all going ??
Here i am with my latest Pretty Nails Design :)
It is a simple and unique nail design. However, from this nail design you can learn the basics of this art without any difficulties. In order to copycat the nail design, make sure to take a closer look at their structure and have all the necessary tool in your nail art kit.
pretty white and red color nail art design by pari sangha
In this nail design i used the following colors:
1. White
2. Red
3. Silver
4.  Red sparkles
5. clear nail paint
6. and of course the stones
I  used the above colors in my nail design, however, you can use any other combination as per your choice.
one stroke easy nails design by pari sangha

so here i am giving you a little tutorial of how i design this nail design:
- At first i painted my nails with transparent color.
- I draw two curves with white color at the upper portion of nails as shown in picture.
- In middle of white curves i draw a curve with red color.
-and in one end i paint silver color.
-placed some stones for its decoration.
-finish it with the clear nail paint as final cote.
-let it dry for few minutes and it is ready.  
beautiful white nail art design by pari sangha
I hope you like the nail design and the tutorial. with more nails designs i will see you  later.

bye bye!!

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