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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pretty nails design with one stroke flowers

Hi Guys!!
I'm back again with my latest pretty nails design.
After a long time, finally i create a flowers nail design,
beautiful nail art design picture
 In this nail design at first I did french manicure of my nails with my favorite blue color.
 then i create flowers with the one stroke technique. 
added some dots at the centers of flowers with white color.
 and outline each flower with the thin black color lines.
For more decoration I created some leaves and
 did some work at the french manicure portions.
Apply final cote with the clear nail paint and 
 the final product is at your sight :)
 I love this nail design,
hope you also like it :)
pretty nails design picture

one stroke nail art

cute flowers nail design

creative nails design pic

unique nail art design picture

beautiful one stroke nail design


  1. Nice Work very creative designs....well done :)

  2. Nice Work very creative....well done :)