beautiful nail art

Thursday, 3 May 2012

How to design a beautiful nail art design with flowers

Hey there, guys I've got a pretty nails design for you- at least I think so!

This weekend, I prepared a very beautiful flower nail art design. and you know what, the cute and mod flowers are deceptively simple to do, and give such a great look! All you need is some fun colors and a dotting tool and you're ready to flower it up.The roses are a bit more challenging, but are totally worth mastering as they look very pretty after finishing.
I wanted to try some colorful flowers in the nail art. For this i used following colors.
White:--- As a base color.
Red:--- For making Flowers
Green:--- for making the leaves of flowers.
Yellow:--- For making the inner portions of flowers.
Stones:--- for the centers of the flowers.
beautiful nail art design
The above nail art was  not easy enough for me to design. It took my half hour to complete all the nail design.
Here i am trying to describe what i did:

-At first prepared base nails with white color.
- and then i design some flowers with red color.
- In the inner portions of red flowers i created yellowish portion as shown in picture.
- and in the centers of flowers I placed stones.
- and around the Red flowers I created green leaves with the golden inside.
- In the end i painted the whole nail art with clear nail paint.
and after all the hard work it like this:
beautiful flower nail art design
I wanted to try some colorful flowers nail art. and i feel very happy when i get my desired pretty nail art on my nails :)
I really like this nail art design. tell me what you think about it !!

See you soon....