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Friday, 15 June 2012

How to make a one stroke pretty nails design

Hi Everyone... Its been a while since i did my last nail art. but this time i did a very beautiful nail design and i was so overwhelmed... just to share my pretty nail design with you :)
                                     one stroke pretty nail art design picture
For my friends who don't know about this type of nail design, i want to tell that this nail art is commonly known as  one stroke nail art design. because we design everything in one stroke everytime :)
Its my 2nd attempt to do a one stroke technique... and i love to do freehand designing :)
one stroke beautiful nails design
In this design i used just two colors:
Blue and white
I used blue as the base color and apply two coats of blue color on all over the nails.
and after this, i took a wide brush painted with two shades of blue and white color and apply in circular way to form flowers as in the image. I highlighted the circles with white color and place some dots around the flowers.
pretty nails design picture
So after all the work done it look like this !!
I couldn't get its good picture because of my bad camera i guess :(
but soon i am buying a new phone with a nice camera and you will see more clear pictures of my beautiful nails art designs :)
Don't forget to share your views about this nail art  ???

see you very soon!!!

bye bye

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  1. an extremely beautiful nail art design but bad click...sooo sad:(